Things got changed when Magento 2.17 was released in April 2017. Many businesses and entrepreneurs value this upgraded version of Magento. This is because latest version addresses those issues that were giving headaches to retailers in previous version. When you compare Magento 2 to their last version, you will find that about 80% of bugs got fixed in new version. Plus, platform got more stable, along with addition of new features, and changes to code improvements.

Here are few reasons to choose Magento 2 ecommerce platform for your business:

Personalized User Experience

Magento 2 is an intelligent ecommerce solutions provider and knows what to do for a better user experience. This is because platform has capability to show right product to right buyer. This enterprise platform offers search and filtering feature that helps customers find exactly what they are looking for. Rather than frustrate the visitors with poor optimization, Magento’s powered store enhances the likelihood to more purchases and increased conversion rates.

Faster Checkout

Platform allows a speedy functionality to shop online. For any reason, if any customer stopped their purchase, still they can continue it without a hassle and secure their sale.

B2B Functionality

Many merchants are into b2b trading. This is where Magento comes forward as a savior to them. Magento offers b2b retailers a portal which allows their clients a 24/7 bulk shopping online, chance to setup multiple buyers, create company accounts, and an easy-to-use buying experience.

Omnichannel Experiences

Magento’s ability to integrate with well-known marketplaces like eBay and Amazon helps merchants to create an incredible omni-channel experience. Integration helps merchants to expose their products to a much larger audience. By doing so, your brand gets more recognition.


We all know how much SEO is important today. However, good thing is you don’t need to hire an IT team for this task. Magento can efficiently manage it. It has a built-in native feature that makes sure your store is SEO optimized. Also, they are many options to boost SEO capabilities even further.


Using Magento is not anymore a painful experience to users. Instead, it is more of a manageable and realistic ecommerce solutions provider that helps merchants achieves their business goals. When it comes to performance, Magento is working hard to perk up this metric as well. Overall, Magento enhances the effectiveness of sales due to its high functionality and flexibility.