Magento is popular as a robust tool and comes at second position after Shopify. Mostly six-figure entrepreneurs prefer to establish their online stores with Magento Enterprise. Since the market for enterprise owners is growing, they want to choose an ecommerce solutions provider who is more likely to offer some unique functionality to their store.

While there are many who would love to run their stores with Magento platform, yet many would like to choose other than Magento.

Things that many entrepreneurs like about Magento

Easy to migrate

You might face difficulty while switching from latest version of Magento to previous one. Yet, Magento provides immense demonstration and suggestions on how to do it easily. It involves everything from how to relocate data to migration of themes. So, when it comes to switching, Magento has got you covered.

Myriad of extensions

Extensions help merchants to customize the ecommerce themes and equip their online store with ecommerce features. You might wonder that relocating may be caused you to lose the extensions that came with previous version. However, this is not the case. Magento has made process of moving a simple and frictionless one. If your stores’ needs are unique, you will have to do some legwork yourself. Otherwise, a bit of customization would be enough to get your store ready.

Quicker checkouts

Now, latest version of Magento acknowledge the fact that buyer doesn’t like tedious steps of checkout. This is why platform has reduced the checkout steps to just two. They have also introduced new features that enable faster checkouts and lessen cart abandonments.

Things that entrepreneurs don’t like about Magento

Magento is an extremely complex ecommerce platform with thousands and millions lines of code. What many businesses don’t like about Magento is its incredibly expensive tech support. This is why you must do your homework before you embark on a deep rabbit hole.

While most platforms employ convention over configuration, Magento does this in absolute opposite way. Rather than offering convenience, Magento is extremely challenging and will require addition of several entries. This would increase the likelihood for annoying bugs and would be more difficult to resolve the bug issue.

Magento is built the traditional way and shows slow performance. As stated earlier, Magento’s line of coding is a bit hard even for experienced developers. This is why a normal server takes more time to load a webpage. Managing a Magento’s powered e-store requires more bucks and a full-time effort.

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