4 E-Commerce Website Builder Trends That Will Shape Your Business In 2019 And Beyond


Do you want to remain competitive in the years to come? Remaining at the top of your niche is a great achievement. Every customer checks in on your site before moving on to competitors. You become the pacesetter and benchmark for new entrants in your niche. For this to happen, you need a modernized and highly attractive e-commerce website. Also, the site must be up-to-date. A great website is a product of a superb e-commerce website builder. If you anchor your store on the unreliable builder, failing will be your portion. However, change is a normal thing in every sector. Each dawn a new trend comes up which changes the way of doing things. E-commerce sector is not secure with these changes. So, if you want to remain ahead in 2019 and beyond, here are 4 e-commerce website builders you need to adopt:

Chatbot integration

In 2018, chatbots adoption has been on a high. Every webpreneur is seeking to automate their customer service provision through obtaining a chatbot. This bot helps to keep your customers engaged and help them to make fundamental purchase decisions. Also, they are reducing your staffing costs. One chatbot can serve an unlimited number of customers simultaneously. In 2019 and years to come, chatbot integration will continue taking shape. Considering that customer services will be the online competition frontier, your ability to have a highly responsive and interactive chatbot will keep you at the top of your niche. Hence, pay attention to this aspect when considering an e-commerce website builder.  Ensure it is compatible with chatbots.

Multichannel integrations

As you know, selling on your online store alone does not promise adequate revenue. You need to cast your nets wide and reach out to more customers. In particular, you must take your products to where the customers spend their time. Multichannel integration is becoming a crucial aspect. As you search for an e-commerce website builder, you need to ensure it supports this aspect.


The platform should enable you to integrate your online and offline selling channels easily. A customer should have an opportunity to place an order online and visit your store for pick up. Also, customers should be able to buy through their apps and messengers as well as social media. However, this is only possible when your platform/website builder supports this option. Go for builders that conform to this option to remain competitive in 2019 and beyond.


Building your website should not be working on engineering arithmetic. It should be a simple process. Also, your audience should face zero difficulties as they browse your website. In this essence, simplicity is a standing out trend in 2018 and years to come. Your site  should be easy to navigate. Customers should not take forever to find a product.

Instead, it should be a simple task. As you know, the e-commerce website builder has a significant hand in enhancing simplicity.  Your builder must provide relevant features to improve your website simplicity which includes templates and other tools.

Personalization and user-friendliness

The backbone of your online sales is customer experience. In the e-commerce arena, a new trend is popping up. Customers are no longer seeking online services. Instead, they want personalized services. They want to purchase items on sites that recognize them by their names. Also, customers find sites that are user-friendly.

A site which will offer them an opportunity to interact and navigate through the items without any issue. However, realizing this dream requires the support of your e-commerce website builder. Hence, if you need to stand out in this era, you must go for builders focused on personalization and user-friendliness.